About company

The company was established after the Second World War in early 50s and started its activity in area of the civil works in the Central Italy first, then expanding its activities throughout the country. In first half of the 90s, the company started its successful activity abroad as well with the first contracts in Algeria and East Balkan countries. After those first projects abroad, the important projects were implemented in Belarus and Russia; then new projects in Moldova, Bulgaria and Rumania were awarded to the Company which were implemented successfully.

In March 2016, PRIME Systems KZ acquired 100% share in TODINI Costruzioni Generali Spa.

In the late 90s, Todini started its activity in the Central Asia with the major projects obtained and successfully implemented in Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, Ukraine and recently in Georgia.

All projects in the Eastern Europe and Central Asia countries were funded by the important financial institutions such as:

• International Bank for Reconstruction and Development of the World Bank Group;

• European Bank for Reconstruction and Development;

• Asian Development Bank;

• European Investment Bank;

• Japan Bank for International Cooperation.

For this period, the projects on road rehabilitation with a total length of 2,000 km had been implemented in the Eastern Europe and former Soviet Union. 

Furthermore, the important bridge works were performed. Two of such projects are in Russia through the Moskva river in Moscow.

In the late 90s, Todini started its activity in Greece with obtaining the major projects in the field of construction of motor and rail roads, and of construction of the buildings and structures relevant to the Olympic games in 2004.

For the Games, a joint venture together with the local partners constructed the Ministry of Social Affairs at the center of the Olympic village; the premise was used for the first time during the Games as the Reception House.

The company in JV with the local contractor also completed the construction of a subway station and a tunnel in Athens.

Todini is involved in implementation of the most important projects in North Africa: construction of Tunis – Sfax – Gabes road section in Tunis.

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