Integra Construction KZ LLP

Integra Construction KZ LLP specializes in construction, reconstruction and repair of rail and motor roads, and implementation of infrastructure projects of the transport and logistics complex.
Integra Construction KZ LLP is the largest enterprise in Kazakhstan on reconstruction and all kinds of repair of the superstructure of main, industrial and approach rail roads, as well as the first constructor of new railway lines in a history of the independent Kazakhstan.

The company is fully equipped with state-of-the-art construction machinery and plants, has the certified construction laboratory, crushed stone plant, expert team and a reliable companion – Aktobe Rail and Section Works.

The company performs work in qualitative and prompt manners within Kazakhstan and abroad.

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The company was established after the Second World War in early 50s and started its activity in area of the civil works in the Central Italy first, then expanding its activities throughout the country. In first half of the 90s, the company started its successful activity abroad as well with the first contracts in Algeria and East Balkan countries. After those first projects abroad, the important projects were implemented in Belarus and Russia; then new projects in Moldova, Bulgaria and Rumania were awarded to the Company which were implemented successfully.

In March 2016, PRIME Systems KZ acquired 100% share in TODINI Costruzioni Generali Spa.

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